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Freedom or discipline should not be looked for outside one's self; one's behaviour and attitude in life should be in harmony with the Inner self so that no feeling of guilt will arise.

Taken from the book "The Spider's Web, Vol. 3", Chapter "Attitude", pg. 204, by Revered Chariji

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Satya - seek and speak the truth

“Satya” is a part of Yama, the first anga or limb of Astāngayoga. It is the second  [ the first being Ahimsa ] of the five Yama-s that are prescribed. The focus of Yama is to improve our relationship with friends, relatives and fellow living beings. Its aim is to establish harmony in our life, harmony with our surroundings. Satya should be understood in this spirit.

Yogasūtra written in sūtra form does not offer much of an explanation. Sage Patanjali just mentions satya without elaboration. This gives rise to a lot of lively discussion and interpretations from different learned authors and practicing yogis.

Food Sadhana

Maui Mangos, Sunshine Sweets

Haiku Maui mango food sadhana recipeStanding in the produce isle at Mana foods  I hear a tiny voice behind me speak up.  "What does a mango taste like mommy?" I turned around and, looking down, saw the wide eyed little girl curiously inspecting the island fruits.

I lowered myself to her level, handing her a golden gift from


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