• Waikiki sunset yoga class every Saturday 5:30pm
  • Ala Moana Beach Park morning yoga class every Saturday 8:30am
  • Enjoy the tropical sunset and breathtaking scenery at Waikiki Beach Park
  • Yoga Class at Magic Island in Ala Moana Beach Park
  • Nurture yourself with an authentic yoga practice, all levels welcome
  • Enjoy fresh morning beachside breezes and connect with nature at Ala Moana Beach Park
  • Yoga Class Waikiki at Queens Surf Beach in Kapiolani Park
  • Tedd Surman and Masumi of Yoga Awareness Hawaii and Japan
  • Liberate your body from stress and tension with Yoga and Ayurveda
  • Our authentic yoga classes strengthen your body and are also therapeutic

Tedd Surman & Masumi

in Hawaii and Japan

Click to view JAPAN Yoga Awareness website   Click to view JAPAN Yoga Awareness website

Experience authentic Indian teachings of yoga and ayurveda at Yoga Awareness wellness and training centers in Hawaii and Japan.

Our purpose is to help students develop a practice with the skillful application of Yoga and Ayurveda. When the body and mind starts to purify we then experience a state of mindfulness and clarity. Each person is unique and has different interests of health, abundance, goals or beliefs. This clarity helps us to strengthen, focus and move towards our chosen interests. Yoga and Ayurveda is both the journey and the goal.

"Yoga Awareness teachers have achieved certified international standards of Yoga and Ayurveda training with Yoga Awareness (YAT) and Yoga Alliance (RYT). They are dedicated and committed with supporting new and advanced students to deepen their yoga and ayurveda sadhana (practice)." by Tedd Surman - Yoga Awareness founding director.

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