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Yoga Ayurveda Training (YAT) International

Yoga Awareness is an umbrella for certified teachers and students in Hawaii and Japan who study in the Krishnamacharya lineage. We have been fortunate to receive the Yoga Teachings of Patanjali and the many ways in which these teachings have been transmitted through T.Krishnamacharya (1888-1989). It is now our opportunity to teach these gifts to you at our Hawaii and Japan locations.

Tedd Surman YAT 3000 & eRYT 500 - Owner & Director of Yoga AwarenessTedd Surman テッド·サーマン

Honolulu Hawaii, Tokyo Japan

Yoga Alliance (E-RYT 500, YACEP) registered
Yoga Awareness Yoga & Ayurveda (YAT 3000) certified

Tedd is from New Zealand and began practicing Yoga in 1990. He immigrated to the United States in 1997 and founded Yoga Awareness on Maui, Hawaii. Tedd studied for several years with Gary Kraftsow at the American Viniyoga Institute (AVI). In 2001 he began traveling to Chennai, India and studied at Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram (KYM) with TKV Desikachar, his son Kausthub Desikachar and with the senior teachers of the KYM. Since then Tedd continues to travel each year to Chennai for ongoing studies with his current teachers DV Sridhar, Radha Sridhar and Viji Vasu at Yoga Raksanam. He also studies and practices Ayurveda with Dr Ganesh at Ayu Wellness ... read more

Masumi Muramatsu - Yoga Awareness YAT300 certifiedMasumi Muramatsu ますみ

Tokyo Japan, Honolulu Hawaii

Yoga Awareness TEACHER YAT 600 certified
Yoga Alliance RYT 200 (Registered Yoga Teacher)

Masumi was born and grew up in Tokyo, Japan. She studied Inter-cultural communication and linguistics. She teaches English and the studies of inter-cultural communication at universities and companies in Japan. She started practicing yoga in 2004 (ten years ago) to get rid of daily stress from work. Soon she realized that Yoga is not just an exercise but it offers us peace of mind and guides us to happy life. Since then, she’s been devoted to Yoga practice and its philosophy. Her interest in practicing Yoga internationally brought her to Yoga Awareness yoga. She had an eye opening experience at the first lesson. Practicing Asana and Pranayama were communication with herself physically and mentally and the lesson was the path to meditative mind. It is authentic and she decided to continue practicing Yoga with Yoga Awareness.

Peggy Jubert YAT600 - Teacher for Yoga Awareness MauiPeggy Jubert

Pukalani / Makawao, Maui

Yoga Awareness TEACHER YAT 600 certified
Yoga Alliance RYT 500 (Registered Yoga Teacher)

Peggy Jubert has studied, practiced and taught yoga in the tradition of T. Krishnamacharya since 2011, the same year she moved to Maui with her family. In 2013 she received her 600 hour yoga teacher certification from Yoga Awareness and RYT 500 registration from Yoga Alliance. She's currently working toward her Yoga Awareness 900 hour certification in Yoga and Ayurveda.

The principle "teach what is appropriate for an individual" is fundamental to her. She's witnessed transformational changes in herself and in students of every ages, body types and conditions. Peggy believes that if one commits to a yoga practice (sadhana) that suits who one is and where one stands, everyone can benefit from the improved energy, vitality and mental focus that yoga can offer.

Born in France, Peggy is a mother of two children, a longtime lover of arts, nature, organic foods, and caring for others. Peggy grew up in the green hills of the South West of France. She graduated in languages and filmmaking between France, Spain and New York City. She travelled and practiced yoga in many places until she moved to Maui with her family in 2011.

Peggy joined Yoga Awareness under Tedd Surman's teachings, and completed the Sadhana and Teacher training in which she found new ways to positively and consciously experience herself. Peggy's instincts and her beliefs in the healing power of the self brought her to Patanjali's teachings: she cherishes them as a precious gift she is dedicated to share with others on this path towards clarity.

Gil McCrary - Anatomy Teacher for Yoga Awareness Maui, HawaiiGil McCrary

Honolulu, Hawaii

Yoga Awareness ANATOMY TEACHER for YAT 300, 600, 900 trainings
Gil McCrary was born in Washington, D.C. and raised in Maryland. At an early age he became fascinated by the human body and wanted to be a doctor.  After studying Biochemistry and Biology in college, he found another passion, spiritual growth, and decided to focus on the holistic side of healing. He attended the Barbara Brennan School of Healing and also studied Craniosacral therapy intensively. After moving to Maui in 1999, Gil became a massage therapist. In addition to offering bodywork and healing to clients around Maui, Gil also puts his scientific background to use as an anatomy teacher. Gil considers himself a lifelong student of the human body and loves to share what he knows. When not teaching, he loves hiking, snorkeling, word games, and traveling.

Vanessa Arias - Yoga Awareness TEACHER YAT 300 certified in GALICIA, SpainVanessa Arias

Galicia, Spain

Yoga Awareness TEACHER YAT 300 certified
Yoga Alliance RYT 200 (Registered Yoga Teacher)

Vanessa's love of healing and guiding has been passed down to her from her ancestors, who were healers in the mountains and valleys of Galicia, Spain. This is where she also began to explore yoga, practicing under palm trees on the ocean shore, or in mountain top forests. Vanessa has studied Anatomy and Physiology in the UK (England), developing her interest in the human body, which she has chosen to explore through Ayurveda and Yoga. Having worked with professional golfers and sports persons to guide them to health from previous injuries, helping people to true happiness is what really brings a smile to her face. Vanessa currently teaches in Santiago de Compostela, Northwestern Spain, and finds serenity in a sunrise, sunset, or basking glow of the moon.

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